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Energy efficient processes

Understand the energy balances involved in every process

​To keep energy costs under control, we need to understand the energy balances involved in every process. Intimate process knowledge will help us to identify the potential efficiencies we can leverage to counter increasing energy costs.

Especially for energy-intensive manufacturing, constant development will be an important part of finding the sweet spot in reducing the process energy consumption.

A multidisciplinary approach

VTT takes a multidisciplinary approach to developing energy solutions. The answer to reduced costs may lie in process monitoring and control, process or equipment design, choice of raw materials, or a combination thereof. 

We take a case-specific approach and focus our full range of expertise on solving problems. That may mean adjusting process temperatures, or installing smart energy harvesters. VTT does not stop at conventional solutions! Our focus is achieving the end goal by the most efficient means possible. Because less energy consumed directly impacts your bottom line.