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Sustainability assessment

Contact us to identify your hotspots and find the most sustainable solutions for your business!

​We ensure that sustainability is considered and combined with your business operations. VTT brings in expertise to assess the environmental, social and economic impacts of your products. 

Sustainability is today a required business dimension in most commercial enterprises. You need to be aware of the impacts of your product’s performance throughout the value chain. Sustainability assessment provides solid information to support decision making, and helps you attain verifiable sustainability credentials to drive customer preferences. 

Optimised sustainable solutions

We will identify the sustainability credentials that help you differentiate your products from others. We provide comprehensive sustainability assessment services and are experts in finding optimisation potential for new products, processes and technologies. 

We offer solid information on your environmental impacts, hotspots and overall performance.We specialise in life-cycle assessment (LCA), footprint analyses, eco-efficiency, environmental product declarations (EPD), and eco-design. Training sessions and workshops on these topics are organised regularly. 

Our research is focused on the sustainability assessment methodologies and indicators, and evaluation of impacts over products’ entire life cycle. We are among the leading experts in conducting assessments in the context of projects funded by the EU and Tekes.  

Latest knowledge and methodologies

Sustainability services are provided by specialists with over 20 years of experience. Our experts are well networked and actively involved in the international development of carbon footprint, water footprint, eco-efficiency, and social responsibility methodologies, including ISO standardisation. 

We use our spezialised LCA software SULCA in our customer work and research. SULCA is a transparent and user-friendly tool for LCA and footprint assessments. SULCA is commercially available and already sold for use in 19 countries for industry, universities, and research institutes. 

We have worked in environmental and sustainability projects together with various industries: forest, bioenergy, chemicals, mining, mineral and metal, machinery, construction, transport and logistics, discrete production, ship and boat, electronics, textile, design and engineering, food and beverages, and the media sector.