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Strategic technology roadmaps

Answers related to emerging technologies and markets

​Roadmapping consists of foresight approaches to support policies, decision making and innovations: 

We provide a means for basing decision-making on relevant knowledge and systematic processes. We open up the decision-making horizons, catalysing more long-term perspectives and identifying emerging technologies and future markets. 

Tackling technological and market changes are admittedly among the key strategic challenges for any organisation. Technological change is a process that can be realised in various forms and in various temporal horizons. Market changes are also realised for many reasons, based for example on consumer actions, technology push, or regulatory pull. Technology and market changes are usually intertwined: technology leaps require transformations in regulation and consumer behaviour. These changes may sometimes appear sporadic and difficult to manage, but with the right selection of tools these changes are also easier to tackle. 

VTT offers several processes and tools that are designed for tackling all kinds of challenging questions related to emerging technologies and markets.
South Australian Cellulosic Fibre - Value Chain Technology Roadmap

Objective: To explore system renewal opportunities to the key challenge in the Green Triangle: “not low technology level as such, but the lack of communication and co-operation among local industry”.

Results: A shared view about the need to develop higher value-added production in the SA forest industry.

Impact: A rise in the level of awareness among the regional operators and major media attention:

  • A realisation among regional actors that the historical trajectory of forest industry could and should be changed
  • Government of South Australia set up a fund for the renewal of the industry.