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Risk assessment

Secure your future with better risk management!


​The significance of risk management is growing in all phases of the asset, product or service life cycle due to the increasing uncertainty related to rapid changes in the business environment and increasing demands for product safety and reliability. 

In global business, a safe and reliable process, system and product life cycle is a competitive advantage. It ensures the business continuity lower system life cycle costs and higher customer satisfaction. 

Secure your future with better risk management. Contact us and we will help you on the way forward!

Risk conscious decision-making

We combine risk management procedures with the company’s development, innovation and decision-making processes at different stages of the system, product and service lifecycle. This way, we are able to offer preconditions for disturbance-free and continuous business, decision-making on which risks are known and proactive utilisation of opportunities. 

We have long experience in developing risk, reliability and safety analysis methods and applying these methods to the customer’s risk and safety management processes. The ongoing development of technology, operational models and requirements calls for continuous methodology and model development in the field of safety, security, reliability and socio-technical risks as well as decision making support. 

Comprehensive understanding of risks

VTT works together with globally-acting manufacturers and the Finnish energy and process industry in the field of risk and reliability development. We create value by reducing risks imposed on people, the environment and assets.

Examples of our high-quality risk management information, expertise and tools include:

  • Application and development of Risk and Reliability assessment methods 
  • Safety and security management 
  • Risk management road mapping
  • System safety and dependability management (RAMS-process) 
  • Process and chemical safety 
  • Management of industrial and logistics risks 
  • Vulnerability and continuity assessment inc. extreme weather events 
  • Information security
  • Accident modelling and simulation
  • Fire and evacuation safety simulations (FDS and FDS+Evac)

We also work and have contacts with the following industries: the process, paper and chemical industries, mining, mineral and metal industries, energy, machinery and engineering, transport and logistics. In addition to industrial companies, we work with national safety and security authorities.