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 Product safety for new materials and packages

Looking for a cost-efficient way to ensure the safety of your future products?

​If you are looking for a cost-efficient way to ensure the safety of your future products, then turn to VTT. Product safety aims to ensure the safety of new materials and technologies during the development phase; safe and compliant materials for intended purposes. Today the shift to bio-based, renewable and recyclable materials has increased considerably; novel solutions for e.g. packages and disposable wares are needed. 

We focus on “Safe and compliance-by-design” thinking during the product development phase.

“Safe and compliance-by-design” supports the product development of food contact materials (FCM)

The main application area is different kinds of FCM but also packages for other purposes, e.g. medicinal packages. Besides the R&D for FCMs, we have successfully applied the “Safe and compliance-by-design” approach in developing new bio-based barrier materials and novel mouldable web structures, and in designing new sensors for detecting food quality or leakage of modified atmosphere packages. The approach also helps to ensure the safety of new nanotechnology-based materials, e.g. for nanocellulose films and package solutions utilizing printed electronics. The approach is utilized in both public and confidential R&D projects, e.g. in the recently ended “Safe food package solutions of future” project funded by EU’s European Regional Development Fund.

MOSH and MOAH analytics in the method development phase at VTT

VTT offers up-to-date knowledge of current product safety demands for R&D work, preliminary compliance testing whose results will be utilized in steering product development. According to test results, changes may be needed in recipe or in process parameters, e.g. to replace harmful substances, chancing dosages, etc.
When necessary, VTT develops the analytical methods needed for compliance studies, e.g. at present we are building up analytics for saturated (MOSH) and aromatic (MOAH) mineral oil compounds. VTT has close contacts with different organizations and other service providers. Our clientele includes chemical suppliers, the paper and board industry and converters.