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IPR for energy, process, bio and chemical technologies

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​VTT creates intellectual property in research and development projects for the benefit of the customer. Patents and applications are available for licensing.

VTT IPR provides a development platform and the opportunity to create unique products or services, backed with intellectual property protection.

Expertise in IPR Creation

VTT is an experienced partner in developing IPR from research results. We may start from the customer’s own inventions, we may plan for specific IP within a target area based on a freedom-to-operate analysis, or we may build on VTT’s existing IP.

Tools, Networks, and Experience in IPR

VTT has a team of IP specialists and portfolio managers to manage the invention and patenting processes and licensing. Our portfolios cover the areas of chemical and bio processes and products, fibre processing, machinery and sensoring, energy, and food and feed technologies, among others. 

VTT works with external Finnish and international IP specialists and is well connected. In addition, VTT offers patent landscapes and analysis based on STN Anavist tools.