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Consumer acceptance and usability

We can help to produce insights that guide the product development process

It is expensive and frustrating to develop products and services that nobody wants or very few people know how to use. Users and consumers need to feel that the new product or service suits their needs, is useful, and is not too difficult to use. Consumer acceptance and usability research try to ensure this is the case. 

Testing the acceptance and usability of products and services at an early stage of their development process makes it more likely that these products are well-liked and find their user base more easily.

Make products and services that attract users

We can help with the whole product development process and make sure that checkpoints at regular intervals produce insights that guide this development in the right direction.

Clients can save money by doing things right the first time – or altering the course of the project at an early enough stage. Involving users in the design process brings the company closer to its user base and helps develop a more committed relationship between them.

We have a range of tools and methods that cover the entire product development process from ideation to final evaluation.

Facilities and methods that make it easier to succeed

We employ user-centric research methods that allow us to take into account the feelings and needs of users. We use focus groups, interviews, online tools and observation methods combined with instrumental measurements where applicable. 

We have several laboratory facilities that can be used for various user and usability research projects. Our co-design spaces include the Owela Open Web Lab, the IHME Innovation Showroom, a HTI design laboratory, a usability laboratory, a neurosensing laboratory, and a perception laboratory. 

Our research is not industry-sensitive – wherever there are new products and services and people who need to use them, it is worthwhile to involve the actual users in the development and evaluation processes.