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Industrial process efficiency and management

Gain the upper hand with better process efficiency

​Details matter. Knowing your process inside out gives you the upper hand in fine-tuning for improved efficiency. 

It’s survival of the fittest. In the coming decades only the leanest, the cleanest, and the most efficient processes will succeed. Tap into VTT’s extensive process measurement and modelling expertise.

Process diagnostics and advanced solutions save energy, materials, and money

Leverage VTT’s deep understanding of process phenomena for more efficient control. We can introduce new technologies and pilot solutions, from lab scale to full-scale pilot.

Lean and efficient: the way of the future

As the price of energy and raw materials continues to rise, we need to tap into new materials sources and increase efficiency. The energy- and materials-intensive processes of today must transform into leaner, better-designed processes for tomorrow.

From analysis to modelling and piloting

VTT’s modelling and process measurement expertise provides a solid basis for continuous improvement and renewal. Our unique pilot facilities offer a cost-efficient way to scale up and optimise new process solutions.

Work with VTT to stay on top of the competition

VTT has the tools, the background and the hands-on expertise to evaluate your current processes for potential energy and material savings potential. When we find opportunities, our modelling tools save time in designing and trialling new process concepts. 

Let’s work together to stay on top of the competition!