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Microbe-assisted processing

Exploit the endless microbial diversity to make your products unique.

​Microbes offer a natural processing tool for modifying structure and functional properties of biomaterials. Find unique organisms for food, feed and biomass tailoring and maintain them in a safe place provided by VTT Culture Collection (VTTCC). Bioprocessing with well-characterized protective microbes will ensure the stability and safety of your process and products. We provide tailor-made concepts to processes and products.

Over 6,000 microbial strains are deposited in the VTT Culture Collection. Several hundred deposits and deliveries are provided for the bioprocess industry and research annually.

Tasty, healthy and microbiologically stable cereal extract can be used as a base for novel, non-alcoholic beverages. VTT helped the client Sinebrychoff to develop new methods of production of non-alcoholic functional beverage bases. Barley malt was processed with the aim of maximising the extraction of bioactive compounds. Microbial strains were selected and fermentation conditions optimised with a special emphasis on technical feasibility of the process, product stability and flavour.

From microbial strain discovery and delivery to industrial applications

We select, characterise and design the best functional microbes and microbial mixtures.

We provide a safe deposit of microbes in our biological resource centre (VTTCC). It has an International Depositary Authority (IDA) status which allows the deposit of microbes for patent purposes under the Budapest Treaty.

We provide fermentation optimisation and scale-up, as well as formulation and stabilisation of microbes in order to ensure their activity and viability.

The impacts of multifunctional starters on process and product properties can be studied in VTT pilot systems.

We help our customers to combine microbes with other physical and chemical processing including seed germination or sprouting.

Current research areas include:

  1. Healthy food ingredients
  2. Novel feed ingredients
  3. Healthy baked and extruded products
  4. Malting, brewing and beverage production

VTT Culture Collection and pilot facilities

VTTCC is a fast developing internationally recognised microbial collection that provides strains and identification services for food, beverage and biotechnological sectors worldwide. In addition, we provide a safe deposit for industrial strains and patent deposits.

We provide several conventional microbiological methods and novel molecular tools in order to detect, identify and characterize bacteria, yeasts and fungi.

VTT’s Bioreactor facilities includes intermediate scale reactors (between 2–30 l), pilot scale reactors (300 and 1200 l) and downstream processing equipment.

VTT also has excellent food and beverage pilot facilities.

We are active in industrial and research networks such as:

  • European Culture Collections' Organisation
  • World Federation for Culture Collections
  • European Brewing Convention


Currently, we are collaborating with the biotechnological sector, feed industry, food and ingredient companies as well as malting, brewing and beverage industry.