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Food safety

Ensured safety with VTT!

VTT offers a comprehensive view of food product safety covering the production chain from raw materials to consumers. This includes identification of microbial spoilage and safety risks, tools for microbial management, as well as the safety of food packaging.

Microbial management ensures the consumer of high product quality and prevents product and image losses in industry and retail.

Safety by microbial risk management

We provide tailor-made concepts to measure, understand, manage and/or exploit microbes, microbial metabolites, and their interactions in industrial processes.

We help our customers in microbial risk assessment (e.g. hygiene investigations), microbial risk management (e.g. consulting in HACCP-systems), the improvement of process hygiene (e.g. cleanability testing), and provide expertise in foodborne pathogens and spoiling organisms (e.g. tracking contamination routes) and biofilm control. VTT has long experience in confidential co-operation with its customers.

Currently, VTT is active in the following areas of microbiological safety: food, beverage and malting industry; pulp and paper mills and other water-intensive processes; membrane bioreactors and other membrane systems; space flights.

VTT experts at your service

We have a level 2 pathogen laboratory, anaerobic facilities, up-to-date molecular analytical equipment, biofilm reactors and pilot equipment for cleanability studies. VTT Culture Collection (biological resource centre) contains a vast repertoire of microbial strains isolated in different food safety projects.

VTT is active in the R3-Nordic Contamination control society, MoniQA association, European Hygienic Engineering and Desing Group, Food Safety Management Finland, European Brewing Convention, Brewing Science Group and Analysis Committee, Microbiology subgroup, and Finnish Cereal Committee.

We serve companies providing machinery and equipment to process industry, food and ingredient companies malting, brewing and beverage industry as well as other water-intensive process industries; pulp and paper mills; water purification.