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Plant based proteins

Plant based proteins have potential as a source of safe, sustainable, affordable ingredients

New plant-based protein ingredients are needed in order to ensure food supply for the planet. Potential sources of domestic protein are pulses, oil crops and cereals. Plant proteins can be incorporated into food or feed as ingredients, can be used in meat analogues or as egg replacement.

We wish to help you to develop new functional ingredients and products from plant protein. 

Plant proteins to appealing food products

We use green processing technologies and combine our years of expertise on fractionation, mechanical processing as well as enzyme and microbe toolbox in the extraction of plant proteins from various matrices.

We can help you to reduce anti-nutritional compounds and improve the nutritional, healthy image of your plant protein ingredients as well as incorporating plant protein to food products with an appealing structure, texture and sensory properties.

Protein sources we have worked with are oilseeds (rapeseed), pulses (faba beans, peas), cereals and side streams (brewers spent grain, wheat bran).

Together with you, we can develop healthy and tasty food products with protein claims.

VTT infrastructure and experts at your service

We utilize sustainable processing technologies from ingredients to the food product chain. We have excellent lab and pilot facilities for research into food technology and vast tools for analysis of plant biomass.

We offer our services to the food/feed ingredient and product manufacturing sectors.