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Tailoring dietary fibre properties

Bring all-natural dietary fibre to your products without compromising the taste!

Tailoring dietary fibre properties enables the production of the next generation of dietary fibres: neutral tasting, light in colour, easy to adapt in various products and yet natural.

High fibre all-natural healthy foods are continuously seeked after by the consumers. Natural fibre ingredients with desired functional properties can be obtained e.g. by combining mechanical processing with bioprocessing with microbes and enzymes.

We have helped our national and international customers to develop high-fibre ingredients and food products such as bread, snacks and biscuits with properties appealing to customers.

Tailoring dietary fibre properties through understanding the process-structure-property relations

Our core competence is the ability to understand and modify the chemical and physical properties of fibre-rich materials that determine their behaviour, appearance and taste in food matrices. This enables the development of high-fibre ingredients and food products with great technological, nutritional and sensory properties.

Solubility, viscosity, water binding properties and particle size of fibre-rich materials can be targeted using various enzymatic, microbial, thermal and mechanical processing methods. Our recent research topics include e.g. eco-efficient enzymatic processing with reduced water content and the use of ultra-fine grinding for improving the technological and sensory properties of cereal brans and berry fractions.

Processing and analytical tools from molecular properties to pilot food production

We have excellent lab and pilot processing facilities, and with our food pilots we can test and develop a broad variety of products such as bread, biscuits, extruded snacks and beverages. Our analytical methods range from chemical and structural analysis to the measurement of physiological effects, sensory properties and consumer acceptance.

Dietary fibre and wholegrain foods are key areas in VTT’s food research. We are a co-founder and active member in the European-wide HealthGrain Forum association. Our main customers are bakeries, mills, snack producers as well as other food and ingredient manufacturers. 

We can also help companies other than food producers, e.g. to find applications to their plant-based side streams which often are high in fibre.