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Enzyme assisted processing

Save energy, improve product properties, replace harsh chemicals and additives

Enzymes can be applied to various industrial processes so as to generate energy savings, improve product properties and replace harsh chemicals and additives. Our profound expertise in applied enzymology and knowledge of industrial processes enables successful development of enzymatic processing.

Enzymes are green and versatile biocatalysts for enhancing your processes in a specific, sustainable and benign way.

Do you need help in implementation of enzymes in industrial conditions? We could have a solution.

Enzyme applications for various industries

VTT has a long and profound expertise in applied enzymology, especially in the area of modification and hydrolysis of natural polymers and their fragments. We have developed enzymatic technologies for grain and berry processing, breweries, animal based proteins and valorisation of various industry sidestreams. We have also made innovations in enzyme-aided processes adopted in the pulp and paper manufacturing, for instance the enhancement of paper machine runnability, xylanase-aided bleaching and energy saving in TMP reject refining. We have good understanding of industrial processes and raw materials. We can develop novel enzymes or work on commercially available preparations, independently of the enzyme suppliers. Our versatile analytics is a key factor in the development of enzyme-assisted processes.

VTT combines the enzyme development and applications

VTT has an excellent infrastructure for developing enzymatic processes from small- to pilot--scale also in high consistency. We have wide experience in designing and implementation of enzymatic process steps. We have an access to different enzymes and enzyme activities from different suppliers.

VTT is working together with national and international industries. We are active in industrial and research networks such as:

  •  EBC (European Brewing Convention),
  • Analysis Committee and Brewing Science group
  • Finnish Cereal Committee (VYR)
  • Finnish Bioeconomy Cluster
  • Industrial Biotechnology Finland
  • Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI)