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Tailoring food properties

We design value added products

VTT offers solutions for the whole food production chain by drawing on their strong expertise from raw material properties to end product quality. VTT focuses on developing feasible and sustainable technologies: we specialise in the use of versatile enzymes and microbes along with mechanical processing to tailor food structure, stability, sensory and health properties. We work intensively with technologies for value-added products from grains, berries, milk and various agro-biomass side streams.

We have helped our customers to deliver cereal-based food products with high dietary fibre content in a format that is appealing to consumers.

Innovations by process combinations

We combine bioprocessing with milling, fractionation and extrusion in order to create innovations for the food industry. We offer solutions for structure engineering to improve the technological and sensory properties of high fibre and protein as well as low-calorie and low-fat products.

Modification of nutritional quality and physiological response of food can be carried out to improve or assure nutritional quality and to develop products with fewer additives.

Our successful examples of applying enzymes and microbes to food processing include the processing of ingredients in order to improve their functionality in end products, modification of the texture of dairy and meat products as well as enhancing the texture and sensory quality of high-fibre and gluten free-breads.

VTT experts at your service

Our food solutions rely on the expertise and facilities from an understanding the food raw materials, enzyme and microbe discovery to analytics of technological and the physiological functionality of food and to sensory evalution and customer choice.

With our food and beverage pilot facilities, we can offer new solutions for ingredient production and the design of value-added food products. With our pilot facilities, we can test and develop a broad variety of cereal foods for our customer, such as bread, biscuits, and extruded snacks as well as functional beverages.