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Tailoring and assessment of sensory characteristics

Even healthy food needs to be appealing and tasty

Tailoring and assessment of sensory characteristics is a knowledge-based route for designing appealing food products: even healthy food needs to be appealing and tasty.

Flavour and texture are the key sensory attributes of food products. Understanding the relations between sensory properties, chemical and physiological composition and the impact of the processing parameters of food is a prerequisite to successful product development.

We support the development of food applications by producing information that can be utilised in various stages of the R&D- process, such as product innovation.

Design appealing and tasty food products with us!

Our flavour design knowledge has been exploited in product development for several branches of industry, especially by bakery, fish, ready meal and berry companies. Many of the developed products together with us are still on the market. The longest customer relationships are of over 20 years’ standing.

Sensory research – designing flavour and texture of food, and also packaging

The sensory characteristics of food can be designed through an understanding the chemistry behind the sensory perception as well as by relating perceived texture and food structural features.

We measure flavour, mouth-feel and other sensory characteristics by using our trained in-house sensory panel consisting of skilled assessors. We also have recently established a unique trained senior panel for developing food and packs for senior consumers. Descriptive profiling has been used successfully in novel applications, such as developing user-friendly packages with easy opening and easy reading.

Flavour design of cereal materials, development of senior-friendly food and packages, and enrichment of food with bioactive, underutilized by-products from the sea are our most recent research topics.

Sensory panel for assessing your products

Our tool is the trained in-house sensory panel consisting of skilled assessors and the recently established trained senior panel. Statistical data processing, especially in a form of multivariate analysis, is used in explaining the relation between sensory perception and other methods.

We are a member of the most significant network on sensory and consumer research in Europe ESN (European Sensory Network) since 1994, and a member of the Nordic Workshop in Advanced Sensory Science since 1989.

Our main clients come from the cereal, snacks, fish, ready meal and packaging industries. We have currently ongoing research with all these sectors for designing the perceived characteristics of food, their raw materials and packaging.

A combination of consumer and sensory science gives us a solid basis for understanding the factors affecting food quality and consumer acceptance. In addition, we work in close cooperation with the (bio)processing of plant materials, nutrition, instrumental texture research and analytics of chemical compounds.