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Assessment of nutritional properties

 Services for the health and well-being and sustainable bioeconomy sectors

Assessment and development of nutritional properties of food combines technology and analysis of health responses. With in vitro studies and clinical trials you can provide reliable information on your products to your customers. The nutritional properties of your own authentic products can be studied in in vitro digestion models applying expertise in microscopy, rheology, and food biochemistry. Clinical trials can be conducted in collaboration to assess the health effects of foods and their responses on gut microbiota.

We have studied the functional and nutritional properties of whole grain cereal foods, as well as the nutritional properties of individual foods and as part of the whole diet in collaboration with cereal companies. (Reference example, Mondelez).

Assessment of nutritional properties as a part of food product development

Our core competence is in the development and application of digestion models to assess digestion and fermentation rate and extent, release and conversion of phytochemicals, and combining the data with food technology and with clinical outcome. We detect food-related colon microbial metabolome using non-targeted analysis. We Also analuse impact of dietary fibres on gut microbiota using specific microbial ecology model.We conduct clinical trials in collaboration with the national and international universities. We also characterize microstructure or rheological properties of the digesta to explain the clinical outcome (e.g. human satiety or glycaemic responses) of the products.

Current research focuses on each digestion step starting from the chewing process to metabolic responses. 

Gut model and statistics for reliable data

We apply gastrointestinal models: harmonized upper intestinal model and colon model, which have been tested in interlaboratory experiments and in-house developed specific applications. We couple the models to targeted and non-targeted analytical tools with statistical data processing. Changes in gut microbiota is analused using specific microbial ecology model. We can offer our services to the food and pharma sector, particularly the food and ingredient sectors.

Our services are applicable to the health and well-being sector and for the sustainable bioeconomy sectors for assessment of valorised new dietary components or ingredients.