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Textiles for advanced apparel requirements

Trust us with your needs concerning special requirements for textile materials!

While everyday clothing serves more aesthetic and decency purposes, with some thermal protection, apparels used in specific environments need to meet other kind of requirements.

VTT has lot of experience of work and protective clothing intended for protection of the worker from hostile environments, or protection of sensitive products and environments from the risks caused by worker. 

The safety of workers, undamaged products and uninterrupted production are benefits obtained using relevant work and protective clothing.

Functional materials and solutions for work and protective clothing

VTT has research activities, for example, in the areas of static control (ESD) clothing, hospital and clean room textiles (ESD & anti-linting properties), and clothing for the arctic climate. Related research topics include, for example, aerosol filtration materials development and filtration efficiency testing, development of flame retardant materials, barriers and printing methods for the application of functional materials prints.

Research opportunities and application areas

Facilities within this area include, for example, a Body-box aerosol release measurement system, static measurements, and aerosol and filtration measurements.

Work and protective clothing are used in demanding surroundings such as hospitals, the food, electronics, energy, ICT and construction industries as well as protection occupations. Application of similar materials and solutions is also possible in active and sports wear.

In special environments (e.g. static control areas, clean rooms and hospitals), work apparel is only part of the solution regardless of whether the environment is protected from the worker or the worker from the environments. VTT provides expertise in controlling full systems, not just apparel.