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Tailored pulps for different end products

This is no pulp fiction; let’s develop your designer pulp together! 

​​Tailored fibres stand for new fibre products, new process concepts, a wider raw material base, or just simply improved process efficiency: fibres designed for their specific end-use, fibres that meet your customer’s expectations. The critical end-properties are defined and the pulp is tailored by combining of mechanical, enzymatic and chemical process steps.

Tailoring fibre characteristics and applying feasible treatment options with respect to product requirements

We have decades of experience on the interrelationships between raw materials, processing and post-treatments, and on the quality of end-products. Besides understanding the importance of size, conformability and surface characteristics of particles with respect to end-product performance, we also can evaluate the processing options for achieving the required property combinations.

Typical customer assignments include tasks for clarifying, for example

  • the feasibility of a raw material for various end uses
  • the optimal refining and screening strategy for furnish establishment
  • possibilities for combining mechanical, chemical and enzymatic treatments for improving energy efficiency, raw material yield, process stability, pulp quality, end-product performance, etc.

Flexible research facilities for the demanding needs of variety of industry sectors

Our versatile experimental facilities enable studies from laboratory- to pilot-scale. We can simulate many commercial chemical and mechanical processes for the pulping of wood or annual plants into fibres and finer particles, even at nanoscale. Our flexible facilities also enable testing of novel processing concepts. Tailoring can be completed with various enzymatic and chemical treatments options.

Typically, our customers come from pulp and paper, packaging, chemical, enzyme, food, biofuel, medicine, or machine manufacturingr industries, but also from elsewhere. Current activities focus on producing micro- or nanoscale particles from lignocellulosic raw materials for applications in light-weight bio-based structures, biocomposites, and sustainable packagings.

Our fibre tailoring knowledge is applicableto all kinds are of fibre products. The specific fibre requirements of any end-product are derived from the product development targets and our competences help in turning them into fibre treatment solutions.