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Surface functionalisation and chemical dosage by foam coating

Let’s work together to find how your products would benefit from foam!

​VTT has demonstrated the use of foam coating in several applications: from thin barrier coatings for paperboard to applying chemicals on wet web and simultaneously aiding water removal.

Foam coating technology enables the application of low amounts of chemicals, from 0.1 to a few grams, and application of novel materials like nanocellulose at different process stages. It also offers a more effective and controlled use of chemicals compared to wet end chemical additions and compared to spray a usage of higher concentrations.

Flexible reseach and equipment for wet and dry web treatments – also trials at the customer’s mill

VTT has several years’ experience in foam technology in different applications, pilot-scale research facilities and extensive experience in paper making. 

We have proved the applicability of foam coating technology to dry paper on a pilot-scale coating machine and shown how a thin coating layer functionalized the paper surface. The flexibility of our research and equipment also enables R&D at the customer’s mill.

In the area of dry paper surface treatment, the focus is surface functionalization through small coat weights and barrier coatings. 

In the area of wet web treatment, we aim for web functionalization on a paper-/board machine and for the effective use of chemicals typically dosed at the wet end. The aim is to develop and optimize the technology in order to get the most benefit from the technology from the point of view of chemical performance and dewatering enhancement.

A wide application area of the foam application technology

The foam coating technology for dry paper has been developed during a publicly funded SilSurf-project and an EU-funded SUNPAP-project. Furthermore, the technology has been developed towards barrier coating and wet web and sludge treatment at VTT to fit the needs of the industry. 

Our foam coating facilities and treatment lines for wet webs (SUORA) and dry webs (SutCo) offer flexible research possibilities for different applications. 

Our main partners are large companies and SMEs from the pulp, paper, board and nonwoven industries. 

Foam-assisted dewatering is also applicable to bio-based sludge and sludge from the mining industry.