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Sulphur-free pulping

In future, sulphur-free biorefineries will be one prerequisite of the quantum jump in the bioeconomy

​VTT develops and optimizes sulphur-free biorefinery processes, targeting comprehensive exploitation of the whole raw material and fractionating it into precursors for different applications.

In future, sulphur-free biorefineries will be one prerequisite of the quantum jump in the bioeconomy.

If you want to produce sulphur-free lignin or hemicelluloses instead of burning them besides chemical pulp production, contact VTT!

Recent references:

  • Sulphur-lean cooking of birch with tailor-made soda or soda-AQ cooking provides either the production of sulphur-free lignin or higher energy production compared to the kraft process without sacrificing the quality of paper grade pulp (UPM)
  • The developed LignoFiber (LGF)) organosolv process is a potential novel fractionation method for biomass, yielding cellulose, lignin and hemicelluloses. Depending on the solvent used, fractions have potential in numerous applications

Our competence and the focus of research in the recent past

VTT utilizes its core competences including pulping technology, chemical characterization and concept evaluations in the development and testing of new sulphur-free biorefinery processes.

Our current research is focusing on the optimization of LGF process and the application testing of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin fractions. 

Research facilities and networks

VTT’s most important resources are versatile laboratory equipment for biomass processing and the developed high level chemical characterization of biomaterials and different fractions.

The forest, agricultural, food and chemical industries are the most relevant customer sectors and partenrs in cooperation.