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Rigid plastics

Join us on the track towards sustainable packages!

Bio-based polymers for rigid packaging applications: renewable raw-materials, high performance and biodegradable products.

Bio-based polymers are already used in bottles as a drop-in solution. The next wave bring better performance and 100% bio-based products for products such as bottles for carbonated drinks, canisters, and modified atmosphere packages.

Novel hybrid materials 

VTT has extensive experience of processing bio-based plastics for improved thermo-mechanical and barrier properties. In particular, we are focused on ductility and the thermal stability of bio-polymers. We also develop polymer foaming processes for weight reduction. Furthermore, we have expertise in surface treatments such as extrusion and sol gel coatings. VTT also develops new bio-polymers and their production processes.

Recent research projects are focused on weight reduction, improved ductility and better thermal stability of bio-polymers such as PLA.

Versatile processing tools 

Our facilities are equipped with a comprehensive selection of plastics processing instruments such as compounders and extruders from batch-scale mixing to pilot-scale production. In addition, we have a modern pilot-scale co-extrusion foaming line. We also have a roll-to-roll line with corona and plasma units for extrusion and sol gel coatings. 

Our customers come from the value chain of packaging and consumer appliances. In addition, we serve producers and processors of raw materials. 

Our expertise on surface treatments can also be utilised in mouldable web and non-woven applications.