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Physical modification of fibres and fibre networks

Novel methods for the physical modification of fibres are the key to novel fibre-based products

VTT has a long successful history in the conversion and processing of natural fibres; moreover, VTT is still at the forefront of the research and development in this field.

The VTT portfolio includes:

  1. Treatment of natural fibres at different temperatures and consistencies and using different types of actions from gentle to harsh treatments and controlling the energy consumption and deformations induced to fibres for improving performance of fibres and fibrous material in paper products
  2. Compounding natural fibres with polymers
  3. A wide spectrum of tools for fibre characterization, 4) physical treatments of wet and dry fibre networks, including plasma, corona discharge and in-plane compaction. 

Novel methods for the physical modification of fibres are the key to novel fibre-based products. Join VTT in this transition.

From paper and beyond…..

VTT has a deep knowledge of all kind of operations with fibres as well as the characterisation of such. This includes: control of the fibre deformations, fine-tuning of the fibre structure for particular applications and improving the reactivity of fibres.

The latest advances in research are associated with the promotion of fibre and fibre network extensibility, pre-processing of fibres for improved reactivity using extrusion techniques and improving the reinforcement potential of fibres in composites.

VTT is a link between big players, SME and universities.

VTT has well-equipped facilities for the physical modification of fibre webs and networks. These include lab- and pilot-scale refining equipment, in-plane compaction and calendering machines as well as twin-screw extruders. In addition, VTT has a roll-to-roll spray and extrusion coating line equipped with corona and plasma pre-treatment units. 

VTT is a member of EFPRO and CEPI associations.

We have a successful experience of customers coming from the value chains of pulp and paper, packaging, construction, furniture and composites. 

The utilization of the physical treatment of fibres and webs is not only limited to the pulp and paper sector. Packaging, construction and non-woven applications other examples where the physically treated fibres have found a great applicability potential.