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Oxygen barriers

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VTT expertise in processing and modification of biomaterials enables their use as oxygen barriers in coatings and films: renewable raw material, recyclable products, fit-for-need properties.

Bio-based materials make the packaging more sustainable compared to oil-based alternatives. The trend towards forest biorefineries makes many cost-competitive barrier-materials available.

Solutions for both films and coatings

VTT core competences cover the development of barrier materials (both for films and coatings) in general, formulation and processing of bioproducts, surface treatment and converting techniques, and material characterization. Examples of our recent research activities include barrier materials, such as nanofibrillated cellulose, other (hemi)cellulose derivatives and copolymers, and polyglycolic acid (PGA). PGA provides an even better oxygen barrier than ethylvinyl alcohol (EVOH) commonly used for barrier films.

Competence and testing capabilities for whole value chain

Besides a skilled personnel, VTT offers services for developing barrier materials, testing these at both laboratory- and pilot-scale, and measuring barriers with specific devices (Mocon and Systech) under different conditions. VTT also has contacts with different organizations and related associations as well as with other service providers. Our clientele includes chemical suppliers, paper and board industry, converters, and brand owners alike.