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Nanocellulose tailoring

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​VTT has a profound expertise in how to produce, tailor and functionalise several different kinds of nanocellulosic materials and the structures of these (e.g. gels, films, webs, foams) from various plant-based raw material sources. The benefits of this unique biobased material family can be foreseen as being exploited as strength enhancers in paper and in (nano)composite structures such as emulsion stabilizers and viscosity enhancers in fluids, as well as being used, for example, in oxygen barrier films in food packaging. In addition to this, several high value applications, for example, in selective membranes, electronic devices and diagnostics can be anticipated where the inherent features of the nanoscaled cellulosic materials can be utilised. 

Contact us for further information on tailored solutions with nanocellulosic materials!


A project portfolio established at the virtual centre of Finnish Centre of Nanocellulosic Technologies (UPM – Aalto University – VTT) enabled Finland and VTT to position itself as a global and attractive operator within nanoscaled cellulosic materials. Results have attracted several international companies since developed techonogies are industrially feasible and up-scalable, and simultaneously the product safety and value-chain thinking aspects have been considered.

Application related material solutions with nanocellulose

VTT core competence includes the tailoring of nanocellulosic materials and structures to be exploited in different forms to meet customer demands. This requires a good understanding of the structure-performance interdependencies in selected application areas. We have wide expertise in understanding the material characteristics, especially when considering the nanoscale level behaviour where the surface interactions are dominating the final material performance. This also requires a wide selection of specific characterization tools including the relevant set of surface sensitive methods which can all be found in-house. Together with the facile and up-scalable production methods of these nanoscaled building blocks and various structures, customers within the whole value chain, from raw material suppliers to end-users can be attended to meet their specific demands. Currently one research effort target is to develop the water stability improvement strategies for nanoscaled cellulosic material structures. 

Unique research infra and expertise

We have world class resources, both expertise and infrastructure for nanocellulose tailoring for different application areas. Especially the pilot-scale nanocellulose roll-to-roll film manufacturing concept is globally unique. VTT is carrying out and leading several international projects related to functionalization and the tailoring of nanocellulosic structures for packaging, electronics and membranes, to name few. We have contacts with all leading pulp and nanocellulose manufacturers as well as to all recognised research groups worldwide. We have served industries and customers from the forest sector, paper converting, and the chemical sector. 

Nanocellulose can be tailored in order to improve the barrier performance of packaging and to give high strength and light weight to composite structures. Nanocellulose gives strength to paper and board. It can be used in high value applications such as films and substrates for electronics, sensors, selective membranes and diagnostics. Nanocellulose also provides stability and modifies viscosity in paints and lacquers.