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High performance fibre composites

Together let’s develop your future business towards sustainable high performance products!

High performance fibre composites

​VTT develops materials and processes for high performance fibre composites: exceeding the performance of single materials, cost savings, increased sustainability.

Increased environmental awareness among consumers and the industries’ continuing competition asks for new solutions. Fibre composites are exceeding the product property window of single materials (plastics, wood, etc), thus making them a viable choice for many value chains.

Optimation of performance and processing

Natural fibre composites have been studied at VTT for almost two decades. One of the main topics has been chemical and mechanical pre-prosessing of fibres for optimised fibre-matrix adhesion and performance. In addition, we have focused on process development so as to minimise fibre breakage in extrusion and moulding processes. VTT also develops new bio-polymers and their production processes. 

Recent research has been focused on the development of natural fibre reinforced materials for the construction and furniture sectors. In addition, we have studied structural composite materials for vehicle applications.

Modern processing facilities

We have modern, well equipped facilities for processing composite materials from the laboratory to pilot-scale. In addition, we can do various different kinds of pre- (milling, grinding, chemical modifications etc) and post-processing (surface finishes, lamination etc) treatments for the fibre, polymer and composite materials. 

Our customers come from the value chain of packaging, furniture and construction. Companies are typically raw materials or parts producers as well as end-users. 

Our expertise in modification and processing of fibre and polymer materials can be utilised in mouldable web applications as well as in different foaming technologies.