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Grease and mineral oil barriers

Create better package with increased sustainability!

​VTT has developed and demonstrated several ways to create bio-based grease barriers for packaging: recyclable, renewable, suitable for films and water-based coatings.

An alternative to current chemicals in providing a grease barrier is needed due to sustainability and product safety concerns. The migration of mineral oils to food from food packages containing recycled fibres also requires a sustainable barrier solution.

Barrier materials and their processing

VTT’s core competences cover the development of barrier materials (both for films and coatings), formulation and application of bioproducts, and different surface treatment and converting techniques. Our recent research activities include new application techniques, (foam and curtain coating, and atomic layer deposition), and barrier materials, such as (hemi)cellulose derivatives and copolymers, and polylactic acid (PLA) dispersions.

Versatile pilot lines and characterization methods

Besides a skilled personnel, VTT offers services for developing barrier materials, testing these at both laboratory- and pilot-scale, and characterizing grease barrier and mineral oil migration with the standard and our own test methods. The pilot lines include a versatile Sutco coating line for testing water- and solvent-based coatings. VTT also has contacts with different organizations and related associations as well as with other service providers. Our clientele includes chemical suppliers, the paper and board industry, converters, and brand owners alike.