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Functional web

Functionalize your web with our modern technologies!

VTT develops applied coating and finishing technologies for textile materials:
  1. Foam forming enables the efficient deposition of difficult-to-handle compounds
  2. Plasma enables fibre modification also inside the textile structure
  3. Printing technologies enable personalized products

Several textile properties are created in converting steps after the actual web forming. Efficient and flexible methods improve the production and production economics. 

Functionalization of nonwovens and textiles

VTT has various possibilities for web functionalization ranging from surface treatments and extremely thin coatings to thicker coatings. Atomic layer deposition (ALD) and sol-gel coatings, for example, have been used for the preparation of hydrophobic and even super-hydrophobic surfaces. Plasma treatments and nanocellulose coatings, on the other hand, can be used to improve the wetting of fibrous webs. Functionalities can also include antimicrobial, controlled release, antistatic and fire-retardant properties. Recently, we have studied a foam coating method for the functionalization of surfaces using polymers, nanoparticles and fibrous materials.  

Research opportunities

One of the main functionalizations of the research facilities is the SutCo surface coating pilot research environment, enabling various coating and surface treatment methods. In addition, we have lab-scale facilities, including among others, electrospinning setups and plasma units.

Many methods suitable for the functionalization of textile materials are also used for the treatment of other web products such as paper, paperboard and films.