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Fibre upgrading

Contact us to hear more about our experiences in upgrading fibres!

VTT has combined its expertise in chemical pulping, enzymatic and mechanical treatments: Fibres with high purity and proper polymer chain length can be produced from paper grade pulp, and even from recycled and waste material.

Stricter environmental legislation forces industry to find more sustainable ways to produce dissolving pulps or other special pulps from recycled or waste materials.

Contact us to hear more about our experiences in upgrading fibres!

Recent references:

  • Upgrading waste hygiene materials for special cellulose products instead of ending up in landfill (Fater)
  • Upgrading recycled fibre to be used as a raw material for chemical pulp production (Stora Enso)

Our competence and the focus of research in the recent past

VTT utilizes its core competences including fibre treatments, pulping technology, characterization and analytics in order to upgrade fibres to be used in high performance products. 

VTT has studied the preparation of dissolving pulp from recycled fibres such as deinked fine paper and fluting clips. Mechanical, chemical and enzymatic treatments were used to remove inorganic (metals, ash) and organic (lignin, hemicellulose) impurities, adjust the DP of pulp and increase pulp reactivity in the dissolving process. 

At the moment, the purification of other recycled material such as textiles is being studied.  

Research facilities, networks and exploitation of the results

Besides experts in pulping, VTT has versatile laboratory equipment to perform treatments for a wide variety of different kinds of raw materials from traditional pulp to recycled and waste materials. Liukosellujen testaukseen VTT:llä on regenerointi- ja märkäkehruuympäristöt. 

Currently, VTT is involved in the Tekes project “Design Driven Value Chain in the World of Cellulose” – DWoC. This is done in co-operation with Aalto and TUT. DWoC1.pdf

We have had customer projects with the forest industry and hygiene products companies. 

Upgrading of the cellulosic materials can be applied to tailored fibre products, biomass pre-treatment prior to other chemical or enzymatic treatments and when recovering cellulosic material from various waste materials so as to improve process efficiency and management.