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Dispersion and foam coating technologies

We provide process solutions for your coating needs

​Novel surface functionalities are enabled by combining new materials with the optimal coating technologies: efficient development of new barrier and other functional surfaces.

Packaging is a very cost-sensitive and fast changing business. VTT’s strong biomaterial knowledge and our surface treatment competence and related facilities make us an ideal partner for the packaging value chain developing new sustainable products.

Processing coating materials so as to obtain the best performance 

We provide process solutions for your coating needs, as our facilities are flexible and easy to modify for the performance you are looking for. Through different process options, we can tackle a large range of viscosities, materials, coat weights and other runnability challenges you might have experienced. We have coated paper and board webs as well as plastics with dispersions of different polymers and / or particles, cross-linked wet coating layers in second coating step, created structured surfaces and worked together with our customers in order to increase the process competence for a coating and base requirements. 

In the area of surface functionalization, we aim for performance through small coat weights (<0.5gsm) and focus today to foam coating. Non-water based coatings can also be used in our surface treatment line, SUTCO.

Surface treatment line

Our modular surface treatment line has different unit operations mounted on their own frames. These frames can be connected in any order so as to achieve an optimal performance in respect to coating and base substrate. We have several applications (e.g. flexo, roll, foam) and drying (e.g. IR, UV, air) methods in this roll-to-roll surface treament equipment. The same pilot line is also capable of producing NC films. Recently, we have piloted several new barrier materials in Future Biorefinery joint research 2 programme (FIBIC).