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Acoustic elements

We combine natural fibres, acoustic engineering and foam forming production technology

VTT has developed and demonstrated acoustic elements based on wood fibre: renewable raw-materials, recyclable products and scalable production of acoustic products for vehicles, office furniture and acoustic panels.

Currently the raw materials used in acoustic products are typically made of non-renewable raw materials and are difficult to recycle. Our approach enables the flexible production of environmentally friendly products with excellent sound absortpion properties. 

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Foam forming of sound absorption materials

The new materials are developed by combining VTT’s knowledge of natural fibres, acoustic engineering and foam forming production technology. Foam forming enables the production of acoustic materials: wet fibre foam creates a porous structure with the open air pockets needed for sound absorption. 

The bio-based sound absorbers have shown the potential to decrease material use by up to 40% with a similar absorption performance. This, together with the profitable production costs, will open up new business opportunities. 

New application areas for natural fibres

Acoustic materials have been developed in a publically funded VTT project “FOAMSOUND” aiming for commercialization of the foam forming production concept. Product demonstrators are made with foam forming moulds. 

The most interesting product segments are home and office furnishings and the building sector. The new acoustic materials would replace products made from polyester or mineral wool – materials with a high environmental impact. 

VTT invites companies, SMEs and larger players to join the research work in up-scaling the production concept and eventually to bring new products onto the market. 

Foam forming can also be utilized in the production of thermal insulation materials, building boards, fibre reinforcements, prepregs and packaging materials.