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Autonomous ships and port operations


​How to benefit from autonomous ships and ports already today?

Autonomous ships and ports might sound like the future, but VTT can help you in automating them already today – from operational concept design and evaluation to approaches for achieving a sufficient level of safety and cyber security. 

At the equipment level or tackling larger-scale challenges, we can help integrate automation into your maritime logistics chains – optimizing your time and cost from sea to shore.

How to make high savings on the high seas with autonomy?

While the maritime law does not yet allow automated ships without human supervision at least on international waters, the enabling technologies are going full steam ahead, and the horizon looks bright.

Enabling technologies for remote-controlled and autonomous shipping, such as situation awareness sensors and remote monitoring systems, will help realize the future, but also benefit today's ships making them easier and more efficient to operate. 

At port side, technological advances in autonomous container handling can already significantly cut container ship turnaround time as well as the cost and number of workers needed in high-risk manual positions.

From concepts to game-changing technologies

VTT can work with you to develop and deliver future-oriented solution concepts that will engage your customers, the media, and even influence lawmakers. Our previous concepts have already tested a high degree of success with our customers in the shipping and port businesses.

Typical development case may include:

  • User activity research to understand the current environment better
  • New concepts and technologies development through modeled and safe simulations
  • Helping to integrate automation into your maritime logistics chain


VTT specialises in simulation-based safety validation of autonomous systems, i.e., operational scenario-based safety testing and systematic evaluation against set requirements and acceptance criteria. These kinds of intelligent simulations are needed to prove concept viability and are right now causing a shift in thinking towards the renewal of the entire maritime industry.
Cyber security of autonomous systems is also of the utmost importance. In this field, VTT can guide you all the all the way in:

  • Preliminary security requirements
  • Active security measures
  • Full-scale cyber testing of realized autonomous control devices

VTT ValidSafety for maritime technology

VTT ValidSafety for maritime technology is a simulation and mixed reality environment providing unique approach for operational safety design and evaluation of remotely operated and autonomous ships.

It is easily understandable and provices essential validation data in the conceptual ship design phase. All necessary sub-systems concerning situational awareness, decision-making and connectivity technologies are efficiently tested using VTT ValidSafety concept.

Interested to know more about VTT ValidSafety for maritime technology?