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Autonomous mobile machines


How to benefit from autonomous systems in heavy industry?

In heavy industry, change has always come slowly. However, fast-evolving enabling technologies for remote-operated and autonomous systems have brought a sudden shift in gear and a whole new value proposition. 

In mining, farming and forestry, for example, autonomy is already revolutionizing our ability to harvest natural resources safely, sustainably and affordably. Accompanying this is the mega shift away from manual workloads in lonely and remote locations and the return of our workers to regular hours in safe, social environments.

Barriers and costs coming down for autonomous solutions

Automation is no longer something that happens in fenced-off isolated work areas and cost is no longer a barrier for entry. The advent of technologies like artificial intelligence, connectivity and sensor solutions are bringing down operational barriers and costs that can change your game. 

Safety standards and operating principles are also keeping pace, allowing humans and autonomous machines to work alongside each other, evolving together into new ecosystems that make the best business sense, bringing safety and savings. But the conditions have to be right!


How VTT can help you to automize your business?

In building these new autonomous machines ecosystems, our expertise is in designing and defining the right approach for your business, as well as choosing the right tools and methodology. 

VTT can help you for example in the following issues when considering automated solutions:

  • Safety
  • Reliability
  • Usability
  • Maximising time and money savings across operations

Change your game with gradual gains

This doesn’t have to happen overnight! Your journey to autonomy can be gradual. Small steps can still bring big shifts, particularly for small- and medium-sized companies, or locally large businesses, bit-by-bit gaining a competitive edge.

If you’re in farming, forestry, or quarry work, think how the addition of just four or five machines into an autonomous fleet could advance your chances of tendering a winning offer or contract; or how adding just a small amount of autonomy to any large logistical system like underground mining, logging or container shifting could have an immediate effect on your business bottom line.

The technology door is open now. We can help you run through it or walk – but staying still is not an option!