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Artificial intelligence - AI



How AI benefits your business

The availability of data, computational power and sophisticated tools makes it possible to use artificial intelligence technologies to boost business in a variety of ways.

Customers and end users have come to expect intelligent applications and user interfaces that support their work in complex decision making.

Examples of use cases

Adaptive Manufacturing

  • Robots and humans working together
  • Smart collaborative robots


Predictive Maintenance

  • Networked sensors enable that devices can be monitored, analyzed and modeled for improved performance and service
  • Digital Twins, physics-based virtual models of machinery


Automated Quality Control

  • Data and model based approaches to triage defects and to identify root causes of failure


Demand-Driven Production

  • Connecting consumer apps and IoT with industrial IoT
  • Real-time supply chain optimization and monitoring


Connecting artificial Intelligence technologies with industry needs

Today digitalization has created an explosion of data. The key issue for increasing productivity and improving customer retention is how you harness the data to increase your company value and create competitive advantage. This is where applying of different artificial intelligence (AI) technologies plays a key role. AI could be described as a collection of technologies facilitating smart operation of machines and systems, where conclusion and actions are fitting the prevailing situation and it is constantly learning from data or experience. 

​AI is not a single technology or a solution to a specific problem. It is a collection of technologies and methods; for example machine learning, vision and speech, robotics, planning and optimisation, expert systems, fuzzy logic, neural networks, natural language processing, that can be applied to different uses.

Real-time supply chain optimization and monitoring




Ethical AI creates competitive edge

We view the ethics of AI design and use as a crucial economic growth and prosperity factor. Acceptability and desirability of AI applications increase societal impact and thus business potential of AI. Alongside multi-technological know-how, developing AI requires a multi-disciplinary approach, involving psychological, economic, political, and legal aspects. Read more about ethics and responsibility in innovation and business >

VTT – your partner in applying AI

Technology skills alone are not enough. To apply AI, so that it provides actual business benefits, requires a combination of different skills: AI expertise, expertise on different levels of IT stack (sensors, connectivity, data management), business domain and end user understanding, and understanding of ethics, responsibility and societal impacts of AI:

  • We have AI experts who know the relevant technologies and IT experts who know how to design and implement new solutions.
  • We have an in-depth understanding of different business domains, so we can work out the best solution to each individual business case.
  • We have wide expertise in ethical and societal impact assessment, as well as implementation of responsible design and innovation. Read more about ethics and responsibility in innovation and business
  • With relevant end-user understanding and practical experience gained from past projects, we can guarantee our AI solutions have a positive impact on your business and world beyond.



Core application areas



Process industry


Energy systems




Remote sensing






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