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Qosnis is a network information service for storing and providing information about networks on geographical location basis.Current signal-strength-based handover decisions cannot consider QoS, and measurement of QoS in different handover candidate networks in advance is not practical. Qosnis is updated by terminals that measure their QoS and, thus, it reflects the current QoS situation well.


  • Resource efficient and fast way to find handover targets
  • Near real-time quality awareness of available alternative networks
  • Through a single query, terminals can find information about networks that satisfy the QoS required by applications and get network (or even base station) recommendation.
  • Reduces need for scanning multiple frequency bands for network announcements
  • Enables also operator side real-time QoS monitoring of the whole network with a map visualization - malfunctioning areas of the network are revealed quickly





Near real-time quality awareness of different networks on location basis