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Today, mobility management uses signal-strength-based analysis, although for end-users, the application quality is the most meaningful criteria for triggering handovers and selecting target base stations or networks. We have moved from traditional signal-strength-based mobility management to quality-driven mobility.

In our solution network connection selection is based on real-time knowledge on application quality. Through our network information service, terminals do not need to rely only on signal strength when selecting handover targets. This enhances user experience considerably and enables seamless and efficient use of all available network resources. Qosmo reduses the need for scanning multiple frequency bands for network announcements and it is independent of access technology and mobility protocol.  



The Solution:

  • Qosmo: Controller of the solution, making mobility decisions based on various inputs.  
  • Qosmet: Enables real-time quality awareness of the current network. A light-weight passive QoS measurement tool with integrated QoE estimation algorithms. read more »
  • Qosnis: Enables overall quality awareness of available alternative networks. A network information service for storing and providing information about networks on location basis. read more »




  • Seamless handovers between different networks regardless of access technologies
  • Real-time Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) monitoring
  • Quality decrease detected quickly (~0.5 s)
  • Cognitive decision logic
  • Each separate product enables a variety of other use cases