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Qosmet is a passive solution for measuring and monitoring one-way QoS (Quality of Service) performance from the application's point of view in the desired network path. The results can be evaluated in real-time or stored for latter analysis. Qosmet is at its best when measuring the QoS of real-time applications (e.g., VoIP, video conferencing, IPTV), but practically any IP based application can be measured. The solution is based on light-weight measurement agents, running as services in the desired measurement points, while the measurements can be remotely invoked and controlled at any time. Possible users include operators, service providers, service developers, network and measurement equipment manufacturers, and end-users. 


  • Evaluate application flow performance over the network in real-time.
  • Any IP-based application can be measured.
  • Easy delivery of results for 3rd party SW, for example:
  • Adapt your application stream to the prevailing network conditions,
  • Perform vertical handovers based on the achiveved QoS, or
  • Just gather long term performance information of the selected service(s).
  • Easy interface for full remote control of the measurements
  • Invoke a measurement to the desired path when needed


Our selected references:

  • ESA, European Space Agency – Qosmet used for video quality measurement / estimation
  • PSA International, Singapore - Qosmet used for performance measurements and as a part of an intelligent mobility solution
  • Finnish Defense Forces – Qosmet used for performance measurements
  • Nokia Networks – Qosmet used for performance measurements
  • EU/SME DOCKINGASSIST – Qosmet used for WiMAX maritime performance evaluations


Qosmet's measurement core QosmetService can be installed to different kind of network devices. In a typical measurement case Qosmet measures the quality of the applications between two measurement points: