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VTT is hosting the EARTO Annual Conference on 20 March


The topic of the 2019 EARTO Annual Conference is RD&I Ecosystems for Industrial Leadership and Sustainable Future. The conference will be held in Espoo and it brings together nearly 250 participants from all over Europe. It will feature high-level speakers from the European institutions, research and technology organisations around the globe, industry and EARTO (European Association of Research and Technology Organisations) members. 

Timing is right as Finland will assume the Presidency of the Council of the European Union in July 2019. EARTO Annual Conference is a unique opportunity to discuss the future of EU research and innovation policy with the most competitive European Research and Technology Organisations, European Commission officials as well as key industry representatives and policy makers from Finland. 

EARTO connects with European decision-makers

EARTO promotes and defends the interests of RTOs (Research and Technology Organisations) in Europe by reinforcing their profile and position as key experts in the minds of EU decision-makers and by seeking to ensure that European RD&I programmes are best attuned to their participation.

EARTO strongly believes in a European research and innovation system without borders in which RTOs occupy nodal positions and possess the necessary resources and independence to make a major contribution to a competitive European economy and high quality of life through beneficial cooperation with all stakeholders.

In a timely manner last year EARTO ensured that the voice of RTOs was heard by EU policy-makers. EARTO shared its positions on EU post-2020 programmes: Horizon Europe (HEU), Digital Europe, Space, Defence and Structural Funds. It also joined forces with industry associations in joint declaration for an appropriate level HEU budget. With great success, EARTO also made sure that the extension of the Public Sector Information directive (PSI) to research data was done in a balanced way.

EARTO members have built close collaboration with EU policy-makers, and EARTO members have seats in EU advisory bodies shaping the future of EU R&I and Industrial policy: High Level Groups on Industry 2030, Important Projects of Common European Interest (IPCEI), Support to Circular Economy Financing, Artificial Intelligence and the Open Science Policy Platform (OSPP).


VTT was one of the founding members when EARTO was established in 2000. Antti Vasara, CEO of VTT, is currently EARTO's Vice-President and several VTT'ers are active in EARTO Working Groups: Policy Groups for Framework Programmes, Legal Experts, Financial Experts, Structural Funds and Impact, as well Technology Oriented Groups on Security Research, MedTech and Space Research.

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