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​​​Twitter logoTwitter: @VTTFinland

VTT's official profile - Tweets about latest news, research, press releases and scientific topics.

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VTT's Facebook posts
are about technology in our everyday life.

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Youtube videos of our research and the results VTT provides.

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From Slideshare you'll find our researcher's presentations. 

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Instagram is all about #VTTpeople behind the scenes.

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​VTT Blogs

​Our experts are blogging! Get to know VTT's experts and their know-how through blogs and participate in the conversations.

​​​VTT Blog

covers the latest posts from various research topics.

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Follow the Service Science team’s

journey towards excellence.

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​​​The Industrial Biotechnology Blog

has its sights set on sustainable future bioeconomy.

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The For Industry Blog 

aims to provide new insights into industrial challenges, and covers topics such as industrial internet, robotics and digitality.​

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