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KeepLoop mobile microscope actively used as teaching aid


​(Photo: KeepLoop)

A mobile microscope developed by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and commercialised by KeepLoop has been in active use at the Kämmenniemi School in Tampere. The school acquired its first KeepLoop microscope a couple of years ago. The device has been enthusiastically used in visual arts and media lessons in particular.

"The mobile microscope can be used to see, study and capture images and videos of objects that are invisible to the human eye. It is possible to see features that are below one hundreth of a millimetre in size," says Senior Scientist Jukka-Tapani Mäkinen of VTT.

"Our mobile microscope was originally used in tasks such as quality control and security markings in the graphical industry, but educational use has become one of the most important applications over the last couple of years," says Jaakko Raukola, Chairman of KeepLoop's Board of Directors.

"KeepLoop is used in biology, but also to a surprising extent in visual arts and media lessons," says Pekka Jokela, Principal of Kämmenniemi School in the Teisko district of Tampere.

The teachers point out that KeepLoop has opened up a new and exciting world for the pupils, despite the fact that the children were already used to taking pictures with mobile phone cameras. Microscopic images can be taken of objects such as plants, stones, textiles, hair and snowflakes.

"Some images are further processed using image processing software. Others are so beautiful, colourful and sharp that they are ready to print, as is, on photo paper," says Paulamari Hellemaa-Seppänen, a visual arts teacher.

The teachers have also bought KeepLoop for their own use during free time. "In addition to nature photography, KeepLoop has been used to find mites on the skin and to inspect the bottoms of skis during the winter," explains Hellemaa-Seppänen.

The Kämmenniemi School has found KeepLoop reliable and easy to use, and plans to bring it into chemistry lessons.

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