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VTTers appointed as Docents last year


Principal Scientist, D.Sc.(Tech) Antero Laitinen was appointed as Docent  for perior 1.10.2016-30.9.2021. The topic of the docentship is related to chemical separation technology, especially to extraction technologies.  Tasks of a docent include participating in teaching of the academic unit LUT School of Engineering Science by guiding students and postgraduates.

Team leader Johanna Kohl was appointed as the docent to the faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies at the University of Eastern Finland on 12th September.  The subject of the lectureship is connected to the social environmental research.

University of Helsinki granted Senior Scientist Antti Pelkonen, a Docent as of 16th August owards.  The docenthsip takes place at the faculty of Social sciences in sociology. The focus will be in the innovation systems -and policies and in the methodological research and evaluation related to them.