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VTT Ventures announces an exit from its porfolio through Aivon Oy MBO



VTT Ventures is pleased to announce the successful exit from Aivon Oy through a Management Buy-out.

Aivon, a VTT spin-off, was founded in 2006. The company specializes in ultrasensitive measurements especially with superconducting sensors and low-noise readout electronics. In addition to standard sensors and electronics Aivon offers custom design, fabrication, assembly and testing services.

Aivon Oy and VTT continue close cooperation in developing new technologies in the field ultrasensitive measurements. The company also continues to use VTT’s clean room facilities in its production.

”Aivon Oy currently participates in several very demanding, even revolutionary development projects in healthcare, security and research sectors. The bases for Aivon’s technology was initially developed at VTT Technical Research Center of Finland.”, comments Juha Koskinen, chairmain of the board, Aivon Oy.

”Aivon Oy is one of the first investments in VTT Ventures’ portfolio. The outlook of the business is promising. For VTT Ventures Aivon is already a success story. We wish the management team every success for the future.” The CEO of VTT Ventures, Antti Sinisalo, commented.

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VTT Ventures Ltd.’s mission is to focus on extracting value from VTT technology in developing VTT based high-tech companies with international growth potential. The company actively seeks talented and experienced entrepreneurs to champion the commercialization of its technology. VTT Ventures provides the entrepreneurs with professional business development support together with its public and private innovation partners to facilitate the spin-off process from business planning to funding. VTT Ventures co-invests in its spin-offs with private investors. VTT Ventures’s goal is to stimulate innovation in Finland and to receive a return on its pre-seed and seed capital investments.