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VTT to support Canadian research organizations in a major biorefinery project



VTT and Bioénergie La Tuque (BELT) have signed on October 13 a collaborative agreement, the main purpose of which is to lead to the installation of a biorefinery facility supplied with forest residues. 


The project resulting from the collaboration between VTT, BELT and Canadian research institutions aims at producing more than 200 million litres of biodiesel annually from the conversion of forest residues.​ This green energy should replace non-renewable fuels in transportation, therefore leading to a projected annual reduction in CO2 emissions of 575,000 tonnes. The project should also result in the creation of nearly 500 direct and indirect jobs in the region. Ultimately, the project aims at attracting major partners interested in investing in a commercial plant. 
Practices for harvesting and estimating biomass supply are different between Finland and Canada. This is why VTT was invited to the consortium, to assess the data and to provide  knowledge on the project. The project value for VTT is 192.000 euros and the work will be conducted by 2018.