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VTT searches for novel putative drug targets and growth inhibitory compounds for paediatric tumours



VTT is participating in the ASSET (Analysing and Striking the Sensitivities of Embryonal Tumours) project of the European Union. The project focuses on three types of paediatric tumours: neuroblastoma, medulloblastoma and Ewing sarcoma.

The goal is to identify mechanistically understood network vulnerabilities that can be exploited for new approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of major paediatric tumours.

VTT has a central role in performing the high-throughput RNA interference and compound screens to identify novel putative drug targets and growth inhibitory compounds. The first results on high-throughput miRNA screens will be obtained already during this year.

The 5-year ASSET project is funded by the FP7-Health-2010 Seventh Framework programme. ASSET is a collaborative project between 15 research groups around Europe with a total funding of 12 Million euros, VTT’s share being 661 000 euros.