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VTT one of Finland’s most responsible summer job employers


VTT was ranked fourth in the large company category of the Responsible Summer Job survey by job search service Oikotie. The category included a total of 64 companies. VTT's strengths included inspiring work content and community and emphasis on doing things together.

In the Oikotie survey, summer employees evaluated their employers in terms of the application process, induction, substance of work tasks and equal treatment, among other areas.

"To ensure a great summer job experience, it is critical that all employees have the opportunity to do meaningful work as part of a great team. At VTT, we tackle the most significant global challenges of the day through applied research, science and technology. This ensures that no matter the job description, our work has real meaning and impact. By offering meaningful tasks and a professional work environment, we do not need to resort to gimmicks in order to provide a great experience," says Iris Lagerström, Manager, Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding at VTT.

That's not to say that VTT does not have all the basic processes in order. "For example, our recruiting process received an average grade of 8.2 out of ten from applicants. We also have a comprehensive induction programme which our summer employees go through just like everyone else. This reinforces the feeling that they are cared and valued equally.

Employer promise that emphasises the meaningfulness of work

In early 2019, VTT announced its renewed employer promise for existing and new employees. According to the promise, employees are given the chance to create a better future in an encouraging and inspiring work environment. In the promise, VTT also pledges to look after its employees' wellbeing.

According to Ellariina Rautio and Jari Havisto, trainees at VTT, these promises are also fulfilled in practice. Ellariina began as an trainee in HR in the wellbeing at work team and now continues at VTT while working on her Master's thesis. Jari has worked with artificial intelligence algorithms and on their application in digital image processing.

"Already when applying for the traineeship, I found it exceptional that VTT has its own wellbeing team and has allocated proper resources for promoting workplace wellbeing," says Ellariina. "In practice, this is seen as versatile wellbeing services and events. Wellbeing campaigns and presentations by experts motivate employees to take interest in their wellbeing and offer tools to help achieve this."

As a whole, the work community is characterised by a passion to work together for a better world. "The work environment here is relaxed, and questions can be asked without fearing judgment. We're also given a thorough induction to all new tasks. Personally, the best part has been the opportunity to do real work on meaningful topics," Jari says.

Talent from across disciplines

Summer employees at VTT represent equally both men and women from a variety of disciplines. Lagerström says that the next goal is to further expand understanding among potential applicants of the wealth of duties offered by the company, both in research and other activities.

"VTT is known as an employer that engages in high-quality research to tackle global challenges. However, we also offer non-researcher positions: of our some 60 summer employees this year, nine worked in support functions.

Regardless of role or department, employees are motivated by the meaningfulness of work. "VTT is an inspiring employer that engages in work that is in line with my values and creates amazing innovations. The fact that I am a part of making this possible and helping ensure that researchers can continue their efforts gives meaning to my work," Ellariina sums up.

The Responsible Summer Job campaign by Oikotie challenges employers to offer more and better summer job experiences to young people. The Responsible Summer Job competition selects each year's best summer job employers. The results are based on the summer employee survey carried out during the summer. In 2019, a total of 243 employers took part in the competition, with responses from 11,467 summer employees.