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VTT Expert Services Ltd and Nemko Oy have agreed on co-operation



VTT Expert Services Ltd and Nemko Oy have agreed about starting co-operation on the market access services for medical devices. Agreement covers co-operation in marketing and selling, knowledge development and whole sale of services. Both parties still offer their own services in product approvals and testing.

Objective of co-operation is to improve services for customers in supporting product development and speed up the market access. VTT Expert Services Ltd and Nemko Oy can in co-operation offer whole sale services for customers.

“VTT has long experience and wide range of expertise in providing approval services as notified body and approving medical devices for various international markets. This co-operation improves our possibilities to offer worldwide access to our customers, says Matti Lanu, Vice president responsible of the Services at VTT Expert Services Ltd.

”This co-operation offers our customers more flexible market access, when all the necessary fields of products approvals may be offered simultaneously. In co-operation we are able to take full responsibility of approving products in the market, then our customers can concentrate on the core business”, emphasizes Tomi Nyberg, Business development director at Nemko Oy.

VTT Expert Services Ltd

VTT Expert Services Ltd supports its clients in the development of products, services and processes and their subsequent market launch, as well as during maintenance. We offer versatile expert services, testing, certification and approval services, inspections, analyses and calibration services. VTT Expert Services Ltd is part of the VTT Group and operates with 250 professionals in four locations.

Nemko Group

The Nemko Group is the organization of the independent self-owned foundation NEMKO of Norway, and offers testing, inspection and certification services worldwide, mainly concerning products and systems, but also for machinery, installations and personnel. The Nemko head office is in Oslo, Norway. Own subsidiaries are also established in Germany, Italy, Finland, Sweden, USA, Canada, Korea, Japan, China Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan as well as partnerships in UK, France and Portugal. For quality system certification, Nemko is also present in Uganda, Africa. More than 500 highly qualified people are presently employed in the Nemko Group.