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VTT Developed the SinnoBoK Innovation Tool for the Software Market



The innovation tool developed by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, intended for the software market, is called SinnoBoK (Software Innovation Body of Knowledge). It is a network community, SinnoBoK.Org, offering innovation solutions that software companies can utilise in order to achieve new innovations in their business area. The market situation in the software business will be changing more and more rapidly in the future, increasing the importance of developing new business models.

VTT studied how new business inventions, and new innovations implemented in existing products, are made in the software business. The study examined the innovation process in the software business, its openness, and where the ideas for new innovations come from and how they are handled in the companies. The SinnoBoK.Org network community was born as a result. It is connected to the business models of software companies, and it was developed in close co-operation with the Belgian Sirris (

Continuous development of new business operations is a vital requirement for software companies, due to the variable and competitive nature of the software market. SinnoBoK describes how software can be utilised in the development of new business operations, and analyses the strengths of the companies’ current innovation processes and the challenges they face. SinnoBoK can be used to develop different processes and innovation tools in the software business, enabling the company to achieve better results in its business operations.

The innovation processes of software companies and the possibilities of social media in the development of innovation tools have not previously been studied this extensively. SinnoBoK is designed for software companies, but in the future, it can also be applied to other fields.

The SinnoBoK study is part of the ITEI project (Information Technologies supporting the Execution of Innovation Projects). A total of 29 different organisations are involved in the project. ITEI will continue until spring 2011, and a follow-up project is being planned. A book will also be published based on SinnoBoK as the project moves ahead.

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