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VTT committed to act for climate emission reduction



VTT has signed a commitment to act for climate emissions reduction. VTT will work to achieve emission reductions not only by diminishing emissions caused by its own activities but also by creating environmental innovations and offering information about sustainable development.

VTTs climate goals are:  

1.       To diminish our CO2 emissions by reducing energy consumption, using low-emission energy and by favouring the most environmentally friendly mode of travel.

2.       To introduce new and significant environmental innovations, with the ultimate aim of viable commercial products.

 3.       To produce information about sustainable development both for corporate and societal decision making and for individual citizens.


Climate action - clean energy for the future - is one of the strategic themes guiding VTT´s research. VTT fosters novel technologies and digitization as opportunities to support systemic energy transformation and a climate friendly society, states Jussi Manninen, Executive Vice President, Solutions for natural resources and environment at VTT. 

With its commitment, VTT has joined the Climate partners network, which defines new ways of working for more responsible business and cooperation with partners.

The Climate partners network creates cooperation to diminish climate emissions and to strengthen the competitiveness of companies participating in the programme. When joining the network, companies and the Mayor of Helsinki sign a climate commitment, in which the companies identify their own climate aims.

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