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VTT and Deinove to develop new methods for biofuel production



VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland starts co-operation with French company Deinove. Deinove is specialized in development and commercializing of environmentally friendly and high-performance processes for production of biofuels and chemicals. The co-operation relates to DEINOL project where ethanol production from cellulose is researched. The joint venture is based on Deinove`s research in utilizing the Deinococcus bacteria for biofuel production.

VTT holds a strong know-how in enzyme discovery and engineering and second generation bioethanol production processes that are required in the DEINOL project and Deinove brings its extensive expertise of biofuel production into the project. VTT`s role is to evaluate different bacteria strains and their suitability for producing ethanol. The co-operation agreement was concluded on 1st of July, 2010.

DEINOL project focuses on utilizing Deinococcus bacteria for biofuel production. Deinococcus bacteria`s ability to digest biomass, such as cellulose, is exceptional. Production processes that result to ethanol being produced by biological processes are developed utilizing the Deinococcus bacteria. Ten researchers from VTT will take part in the project. Research is also conducted in co-operation with CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research) and INSA (French Engineering University) research institutes.

“As an open-innovation centre creating sustainable industrial solutions, we are delighted to contribute to a future industrial breakthrough which could pave the way for many valuable developments - not only in biofuels but also in the forestry and paper industry, the chemicals sector and other markets”, added Erkki KM Leppävuori, President and CEO of VTT.

Results from the DEINOL project are also widely used in the industry field. The general objective of the work plan established by VTT and Deinove is to evaluate the different Deinococcus candidate strains screened by Deinove for the DEINOL cellulosic ethanol production process. The DEINOL process will then be scaled-up and tested in an industrial pilot by the sugar-company Tereos.

Deinove is a French green technology company specialized in development and commercializing of innovative, environmentally friendly, high-performance processes for production of biofuels and other compounds of industrial or pharmaceutical value. Deinove strives to create new business from green technology. The company holds special know-how in developing biofuels, carrying out vast research of Deinococcus bacteria and developing applications for eco-friendly chemical industry.