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VTT achieved recognition again for its development of printed electronics production environment



VTT has earned an award of the expansion of Printocent pilot production environment in IDTechEx Printed Electronics Europe 2013 Awards competition. VTT was declared winner of the Best Technical Development Manufacturing Award. This was the third time in a row that VTT has won the same award. The competition recognises outstanding innovation, development and commercialisation in the printed electronics industry.

The unique production environment provides companies a platform for agile development of industrial products of new kind and it enables pilot manufacturing with very low risk. The environment includes four pilot printing machines, automated production line for roll-to-roll assembly, injection moulding machine and roll-to-roll electrical testing equipment. Planned future improvements to the environment will be made by optical measurement devices, production control system and performance elevation.

VTT has built production environment of printed electronics with determination already for long. VTT’s development work of printing machines started in the beginning of 2000’s forms the basis of the environment. The aim of the work has been to create a framework for production of various functional printed electronics components in industrial scale.

The idea of electronics produced by a printing machine is to create new functionalities for products, including various electronic components and diagnostic features. This production method enables the manufacture of large production runs at great speed and with costs small enough for the components to be incorporated in mass-produced products. Possible applications for the technology are in home diagnostics, electronic products, intelligent packaging and OLED screens.