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VTT’s smart phone solutions offer service providers information on user behavior


VTT has developed a group of software components that provide versatile, real-time information on smart phone users and their lifestyle patterns. Behavior detection opens new business opportunities for several industries. Solutions run on the most common smart phone platforms.

VTT has developed software components that enable continuous, real-time tracking of smart phone users’ life patterns and daily routines. This behavior information can be applied to different types of services related to business and free time.

”These solutions make it possible, for instance, to add mobile functionality to customer relationship management, run targeted online marketing campaigns, create versatile healthcare and welfare solutions as well as develop new security applications,” says Chief Research Scientist Jani Mäntyjärvi from VTT.

With the help of this new software, consumers have an opportunity to immediately react to potential abnormalities in their daily routines, e.g. if the children do not come home from school at the usual time. In the field of healthcare and welfare services, users can choose to track their physical activity or energy consumption. Customer relationship management (CRM) applications help businesses to predict customer behavior and identify distinct customer segments.

”When developing these software components for smart phones, we have focused especially on continuous functionality. In practice this means low power consumption and optimization of cross-system communications,” says Senior Research Scientist Ville Könönen from VTT.

The mobile application delivers behavior information to VTT’s Lifeliner service that enables further analysis of the information. The solution provides weekly profiles and more detailed daily views on lifestyle and behavior patterns.

Behavior information can be communicated with external services in WLAN and 3G networks, according to industry standards. The solutions are compatible with the most common smart phone platforms including Symbian S60, Symbian^3, Maemo/MeeGo and Android 2.2.

VTT’s smart phone solutions are showcased at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on February 14–17, 2011. For more information on the Lifeliner service, please visit